Newshaw Bahreyni, Ph.D. Candidate



Ph.D., Physics 2008-2013

University at Albany, SUNY, Ph.D. Thesis: ”Emergent Spacetime Geometry from Causal Set”. I consider universe as partially ordered set and introduce a quantification which results in emergence of spacetime, Minkowskian form and geometry. Adviser: Prof. Kevin H. Knuth.

M.S., Physics 2006-2007

University at Albany, SUNY, Master’s thesis: “Estimating Distances to Planetary Nebulae”. I used Bayes theorem to develop a method for estimating distances as well as their error calculation for four planetary nebulae and wrote a code in Matlab to do the computation. Adviser: Prof. Kevin H. Knuth.

B.S. Honors Degree, Physics 2006-2007

University at Albany, SUNY.
Tehran University, Tehran-Iran. Area of study: Physics, 1996-2001.


Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistance, Dept. of Physics, courses 517 graduate Statistical Mechanics, 547 graduate Quantum Mechanics 1, 557 graduate Quantum Mechanics 2, 551 Bayesian Data Analysis, 640 Information physics, 782 Advanced topics in physics, teaching mechanics and electricity labs, 2008-Present.
Tutor for English, mathematics and physics, 1996-2007.
Teaching advanced optics lab, Tehran University, Tehran-Iran, 1998-1999.



C.L. Andrews Award

Best Teaching Assistant of the Year by students’ votes, University at Albany SUNY, 2011-2012.

Initiatives for Women (IFW) Award

University at Albany SUNY, 2012.

Benevolent Research Grant Award

Project title: Quantification of Causal Sets and Implications for the Nature of Space and Time. University at Albany SUNY, 2011.

C.L. Andrews Award

Best Teaching Assistant of the Year by students’ votes, University at Albany SUNY, 2009-2010.

Presidential Honors Society (PHS) member

An honors students association. University at Albany SUNY, 2006-2007.



Knuth K. H., Bahreyni N. 2012. Physics of Events: A Potential Foundation for Emergent Space-Time. arXiv:1209.0881[math-ph].
Knuth K.H., Bahreyni N. 2010. The order-theoretic origin of special relativity. P. Bessiere, J.-F. Bercher, A. Mohammad-Djafari (eds.) Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering, Chamonix, France, 2010, AIP Conference Proceedings, American Institute of Physics, Melville NY.
Knuth K.H., Bahreyni N. 2010. A derivation of special relativity from causal sets. arXiv:1005.4172v2 [math-ph].


presentations and Conferences

A Potential Mechanism for Emergent Observer-Based Space-Time. 22nd Midwest Relativity Meeting. Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, September 2012.
Invited discussant. New Directions in the Foundations of Physics conference. Foundations of Physics Group of the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and Georgetown University, Washington DC, May 2012.
An Observer-Based Foundation of Geometry. American Physical Society APS, Boston MA, March 2012.
Invited speaker. From Symmetry to Special Relativity. Sharif University, Tehran-Iran, August 2011.
Quantification of Partially Ordered Sets with Application to Special Relativity. American Physical Society APS, Dallas TX, March 2011.
Invited speaker. Introduction to Bayes’ Theorem. Sharif University, Tehran-Iran, April 2008.