13 Mar 2015 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth, Newshaw Bahreyni, and James Walsh present a joint talk titled "The Influence Network: A New Foundation for Emergent Physics" at the in San Diego organized by Christian Wüthrich, Nick Huggett and David Rideout.
Slides: http://knuthlab.rit.albany.edu/talks/KBW---BeyondSpacetime---2015.pdf

5 Mar 2015 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth submits his essay titled "The Deeper Roles of Mathematics in Physical Laws to the FQXi? Essay Contest Trick or Truth: the Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics

4 Nov 2014 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth and Newshaw Bahreyni publish a paper on a new theory of emergent spacetime:
Knuth K.H., Bahreyni N. 2014. A potential foundation for emergent space-time, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 55, 112501. doi: 10.1063/1.4899081 arXiv:1209.0881 [math-ph]

20 Oct 2014 Our paper on EXONEST, our exoplanet detection and characterization package is published:
Placek B., Knuth K.H., Angerhausen D. 2014. EXONEST: Bayesian model selection applied to the detection and characterization of exoplanets via photometric variations, Astrophysical Journal, 795(2): 112. arXiv:1310.6764 [astro-ph.EP], doi:0.1088/0004-637X/795/2/112

Sep 2014 Our paper on the analysis of exoplanet HAT-P-7b was presented at MaxEnt 2014:
Placek B., Knuth K.H. 2014. A Bayesian Analysis of HAT-P-7b (Kepler-2b) using the EXONEST Algorithm, to be published in Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering 2014, Amboise, France, AIP Conference Proceedings, American Institute of Physics, Melville NY. arXiv:1409.4152 [astro-ph.EP]

Aug 2014 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth submits an educational video on Finding Planets with Physics to the | FQXi "Show Me the Physics" video contest.

Jan 2014 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth's invited paper titled 'Information-based physics: an observer-centric foundation' has been published in Contemporary Physics. doi:10.1080/00107514.2013.853426. arXiv:1310.1667 [quant-ph]

Oct 2013 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth's essay entry in the Foundational Question Institute's (FQXi?) 'It From Bit or Bit From It?' Essay Contest was awarded Third Prize.

20 May 2013 KnuthLab? team: Malakar, Gladkov and Knuth published the paper Modeling a Sensor to Improve Its Efficacy in the Journal of Sensors. This work represents an effort lead by Dr. Nabin Malakar (former lab member) and undergraduate researcher Daniil Gladkov.

26 Mar 2013 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth was invited to speak at the Santa Fe Institute. His talk titled: Information-Based Physics: An Intelligent Embedded Agent's Guide to the Universe. can be watched here: (Slides) and (Video)
Presented to the Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe NM on 26 Mar 2013.

15 Sep 2012 KnuthLab?'s Autonomous Robotic Exploration research was featured on NHK Worldnet (Japan Broadcasting Company). 2012. Explore the mysteries of Martian Curiosity (キュリオシティ 火星の謎を探る).// Aired in Japan on 15 Sept 2012.

25 March 2011 Ali Chaudry has been awarded a 2011 Provost’s Award
Project: Robust and Economical Autonomous Navigation via Advanced Bayesian Methods
Ali’s work was part of our laboratory’s NASA-funded research in collaboration with Autonomous Exploration Inc. to develop a vision-based navigation system for robots and space-suits.

4 June 2010 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth's talk at the Laws of Nature: Their Nature and Knowability Workshop at the Perimeter Institute was mentioned in Scientific American's Observations column. The talk can be seen at pirsa. This is in reference to the work that I have performed with my student Newshaw Bahreyni on deriving special relativity from causal relationships among events. Our paper can be found at arXiv:1005.4172v1 [math-ph]. In addition, Philip Goyal's talk was also mentioned, which is joint work with Knuth as well. Our joint paper can be found at arXiv:0907.0909v3 [quant-ph].

20-22 May 2010 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth was invited to speak at the Laws of Nature: Their Nature and Knowability Workshop at the Perimeter Institute. The talk can be seen here. This was a very interesting workshop expertly organized by David Wolpert, Steve Weinstein, and Chris Fuchs. This workshop brought together an impressive group of individuals in fields ranging from physics to philosophy.

12 February 2010 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth awarded a University at Albany Faculty Research Award for his proposal titled “Tripping the Light Phantasma: Bayesian Model-Based Machine Vision”

3 February 2010 Article in The University at Albany College of Arts and Scientists 2010 News and Events on Prof. Kevin H. Knuth's start-up company Autonomous Exploration Inc.

25 December 2009 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth, together with Ercan Kuruoglu, are organizing a Bayesian Machine Intelligence Session at the 2nd International Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing (CIP2010) to be held from 14-15 June, 2010 on Elba Island (Tuscany), Italy.

November 2009 The Knuth Cyberphysics Laboratory in collaboration with Autonomous Exploration Inc. has been awarded a 2009 NASA Phase I SBIR grant for the proposal titled Advanced Bayesian Methods for Lunar Surface Navigation. We will be working toward developing navigation systems that target the new Lunar Electric Rover and the Mark III space suits.

25 September 2009 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth was invited to present a talk titled “Automating the Processes of Inference and Inquiry” at the From Game Theory to Game Engineering Workshop, Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, Oxford, UK. This talk discussed the foundation of automated inference and inquiry and its application to game theory.

February 2009 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth presented a talk titled “Automating science” at the New York Workshop on Computer, Earth, and Space Sciences (CESS 2009), NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York, NY, Feb 2009.
Video Presentation: Knuth at CESS 2009

November 2008 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth and Julian Center (CEO, Autonomous Exploration Inc.) presented a talk titled “Autonomous Sensor Placement” at the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications in Woburn MA. In addition to the talk, a demonstration of a robot employing autonomous sensor placement was performed.

14 October 2008 University at Albany Campus News Article on Prof. Knuth: Developing Robotic Scientists for Space Exploration

September 2008 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth presented a talk titled “Intelligent science platforms” at the NASA Conference on Intelligent Data Understanding (CIDU 2008), at NASA Headquarters, Washington DC.

14 April 2008 Prof. Kevin H. Knuth awarded a University at Albany Faculty Research Award for his proposal titled “Developing Robotic Explorers”