Tony Gai with Astronaut Robert Cabana

Anthony David Gai

Knuth Information Physics Lab
Department of Physics
University at Albany
Albany NY - 12222
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My main focus is using Bayesian probability theory to detect and characterize extrasolar planets. Recently, my interests have included a comparison of various models of ellipsoidal variations. Additionally, I have been examining the significance of the Doppler effect on observed flux within the Kepler bandpass of the blackbody spectrum of a star.


B.A. Physics 2013, Alfred University
B.A. Mathematics 2013, Alfred University

Awards and Activities

2011 and 2012 NSCAA All-Region Academic Honors

Presentations and Posters

- Bayesian Analysis of Ellipsoidal Variations on Stars Due to Hot Jupiters - PASCAL 2015, University at Albany

- Temperature Analysis of Coronal Crown Prominence Plasma, Alfred University, May 2013

- "Fabrication and Behavior of Bismuth Hall Effect Bopsensors" Faculty Sponsor: J. Heremans and V. Soghomonian (Physics) - Mentor: Martin Rudolph, Virginia Tech MII REU, August 2011